Vilém Janoušek

Porcelain art painter

Who I am

I have been painting since I was 7 years old, professionally after graduating from art school. You can find my custom painted porcelain all over the world.


  • Festival K. Wagner - Germany
  • Exhibition Tokyo - Japan
  • Long-term cooperation in USA House of Culture of the Czech Republic
  • Dining services for South Africa
  • Amfor replicas for Saudi Arabii
  • Example of painting porcelain on Konopiště Castle
  • Painting courses in the hotel Ibis - Prague
  • Spolupráce se značkou porcelánu HAAS a CZJZEK

Awards and certificates

In 2013, I received an international award „Madame Humanité“ for artistic activity - painted porcelain.

In 2016, I enrolled in Oxford Encyclopedia.

Vilem Janousek Malir

Madame Humanité

In 2013, I won an international award Madame Humanité for artistic activity

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