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Hand painted porcelain

Welcome to my website JV PORCELAN. Here you will find examples of my work - painted porcelain to order

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About me

My name is Vilém Janoušek

"I have been painting since I was 7 years old, professionally after graduating from art school. You can find my custom painted porcelain all over the world. "
Vilém Janoušek
  • K. Wagner Festival - Germany
  • Exhibition Tokyo - Japan
  • Long-term cooperation in the USA
  • Dům kultury ČR v USA
  • Dining services for South Africa
  • Replicas of amphorae for Saudi Arabia
  • Demonstration of porcelain painting at Konopiště chateau
  • Painting courses at the Ibis Hotel - Prague
Vilem Janousek Malir
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Hand painted porcelain

I provide custom, artistic, professional painting on porcelain products. I will create replicas of old porcelain and a painting according to the design or photo of the customer.

Svatební Foto 1
Wedding services

Painted porcelain services with monograms and wedding date, coffee and tea services, dining and mocha porcelain services.

Popelník Na Doutníky Praha
Decorative porcelain

Candlesticks, clocks, statuettes vases, tiling bathrooms, showers and swimming pools.

Prizes for sporting events, anniversary gifts.

Bártík Miska
According to the customer's photo

I paint porcelain replicas. According to the photo, I will paint cats, dogs, horses, houses, cottages, landscapes or towns, castles and chateaux on various porcelain.

Městský úřad Praha 3 Radnice
For companies, offices and establishments

Presents for employees and partners. For city authorities as rewards for residents (wedding anniversaries, welcoming citizens, anniversaries). Equipment for hotels and restaurants. Souvenirs for shops, castles and chateaux.

Porcelain painting courses

Who is the course for:

Who is interested in painting porcelain and thus taking away an indelible memory for themselves or someone else. Porcelain painting course you can also donate to someone by purchasing our gift voucher. 

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Satisfied customers

Satisfaction of my customers is very important to me, because it makes sense of my work.

Michaela Kudláčková
"I found a porcelain painting course on Mr. Janoušek's FB. As part of a report for the readers of, I visited a painting course on porcelain by V. Janáček. I drew inspiration and interesting impressions when creating a hand-painted plate. I can only recommend professional leadership and a good feeling on the course."
Michaela Kudláčková
"I was on the course and gained interesting information, a patient approach and the help of Mr. Janoušek, who has been working on it for years, good organization and a perfect booking agreement."
10. 2. 2016

Are you interested in painted porcelain?

Are you interested in some of my services?

Are you interested in painted porcelain according to your requirements?

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Original porcelain color

Harmless to health

Fired in a ceramic oven at 820C

Original 10 carat gold on porcelain

Not suitable for use in microwave ovens

The dishwasher may damage the painting (salt)

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